Welcome to The Coven of One (COO)

If you are reading this, let me start by thanking you for sharing precious time with me. I will make this quick, I know you are busy.

I write. I have to to keep sane. I take photos, because this little planet and our experience of it, fascinates me.  I am a seeker above all things. Some things I have found, some things elude me.  The Coven of One  (COO) blog is simply a journal of my travels, my questions, my insights, my passions.  The name came to me while preparing for an upcoming celebration of the pagan ritual of Samhain.  I have long been a practicioner of a nature based spiritual path that I have no real name for. By most, I am considered an Eclectic Solitaire Witch. The title speaks to this, but not this alone. I am not just one thing, but many. This tree has many branches and the Coven of One has dual meaning. My entire spiritual practice is based on the belief that all life is One.  So my Coven is Your Coven. There is no separation.  We have different lifestyles, phsycial appearance, beliefs but we all bow to the natural laws of this life. We are born, we will die and something of our essence will go on. I also firmly believe that what you do with your life, what you think about, what you focus on, directly affects my life over here in East Haddam, Connecticut.  Though many branches on this Tree of Life, stretching out for the cosmos above, our root system connects below.

Here in COO, I will explore anything that has to do with experiencing humanity from a spiritual POV. For me, it’s the only POV that matters. My own journey has been full of multi-dimensional realities. Making sense of it all, as an extreme empath and one of nine billion other humans vying for their meaning on this planet has not been an easy road. Writing helps.  Exploring, ritualing, laughing, and sobbing help. And capturing it all in the lens gives it a timeline. One I hope that my daughter’s will appreciate some year to come.

Again, thank you for visiting COO. I hope you will join me here on occasion. I invite you to make comment, challenge me, and ask questions.  I am a counselor by trade, and I love questions. Answers are free.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to The Coven of One (COO)

  1. Hi, Ryder! I LOVE every word you wrote. It feels like you’re peering into my soul when you describe your spiritual path. I so look forward to reading more and sharing this mystical journey. Congrats on your beautiful blog! Blessed Be, Dear One!


    1. Thank you for your kinds words. It comforts me to know that anything I write touches another in a positive way. Your sweet note only inspires and kindles the fire for future writing. Mystical journeys are made more magical in the company of another kindred. I look forward to your thoughts on anything I write. xo


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