Lost Keys? Excellent.

Mornings start like this. Grab keys, phone, kids, hit the road.  We have a 45 minute commute to Guilford schools from our house in East Haddam, CT. I don’t mind one bit. Of all the commutes I have, this is by far the prettiest. I cross the East Haddam Swing Bridge, drive through horse country in Killingworth, and wind down through old roads of North Madison. On the mornings I don’t have the girls, I take time to stop and smell the roses.  This usually entails finding a pretty spot full of photo ops and nice place to sit and meditate.  Where I live, this is easy. There is no city traffic or hordes of people to drown out. I chose to live out here for that very reason. I lived in Manhattan for a few years in my late teens and though life long memories were made, I’d never do it again. As an empath, a city is the last place I need be.

This morning, I realized I did not have my keys to my office. I texted my staff asking when they would be in.  Not for a few hours. Now, some people might have a small panic attack about being late to work. I, on the other hand, felt like I had been handed Christmas early.  This is one of my inner secrets. If I have an appointment or an arrival time for something, I get VERY excited if I can’t show up due to circumstances beyond my control.

I grabbed a hot tea and headed to Hamonnasset State Park in Madison, Connecticut. It’s only five minutes from my office door and one of the jewels of the shoreline here in Connecticut. I wouldn’t recommend it on primetime holidays, but for the quieter months of the year it’s a favorite go to place. Walking, biking, bird watching, swimming, warm sunrises and romantic sunsets over marsh and stone, it calls to me.  This morning was glorious. The weather finally became seasonal here in Connecticut and the onshore breeze required a sweater. I was grateful. While I took these photos, I was grateful. While I breathed in salt air and watched geese and seagull share a swimming hole, I was grateful.

I know the day ahead at work will be hectic, rewarding, but hectic. For these moments, though… this beach is all that matters.


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