For The Gypsy Soul

I read this recently…. so lovely it captures what I have been trying to pen in a million rainy days of rolling ink.  I have loved and lost, likely many who don’t even remember my name. I may not remember theirs either. Years will do that. Wine may do that. Light flickers though, and memories heave forward in time, playing out in perfect recall.  I keep them in my lightning bug jar, for they are mine to keep. They are all beautiful. They create the layers that matter.  The layers that created me. The Layers BY STANLEY KUNITZ I have walked … Continue reading For The Gypsy Soul

Not Again

I had a bad feeling when I awoke this morning.  The world felt a bit out of balance, phased in the wrong direction.  I attributed it to a weird dream that seemed a cut out of  American Psycho, in which I was being chased around in a warehouse by a man dressed in white. Everything around me was white. His clothes. My clothes. The walls. I turned to him and said “Is this a killing thing? This is a killing thing, isn’t it?” He smiled sickly at me and said “Yes.” I woke up upset, feeling nauseous, and as if … Continue reading Not Again